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WATER PH TESTER Private individual

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Water pH in Fish Farming


Importance of Water Quality in Aquaculture


Fish perform all their bodily functions in water. Because fish are totally dependent upon water to breathe, feed and grow, excrete wastes, maintain a salt balance, and reproduce, understanding the physical and chemical qualities of water is critical to successful aquaculture. To a great extent water determines the success or failure of an aquaculture operation.

Very high (greater than 9.5) or very low (less than 4.5) pH values are unsuitable for most aquatic organisms. Young fish and immature stages of aquatic insects are extremely sensitive to pH levels below 5 and may die at these low pH values.

High pH levels (9-14) can harm fish by denaturing cellular membranes. Changes in pH can also affect aquatic life indirectly by altering other aspects of water chemistry. Low pH levels accelerate the release of metals from rocks or sediments in the stream. These metals can affect a fish's metabolism and the fish's ability to take water in.


High pH Levels Effect


At high pH (>9) most ammonium in water is converted to toxic ammonia (NH3) which can kill fish. Moreover, cyanobacterial toxins can also significantly influence fish populations.

NOTE: One critical parameter is pH: Not only for the health of the fish, but for the bacteria have that cleaned up the water as well as nitrifiers that remove excess nutrients.

pH is important in aquaculture as a measure of the acidity of the water or soil. Fish cannot survive in waters below pH 4 and above pH 11 for long periods. The optimum pH for fish is between 6.5 and 9. Fish will grow poorly and reproduction will be affected at consistently higher or lower pH levels. 


This brings the need to determine the ph level of water for best result in fish Farming. There are many ph meters out there with many wrong calibrations hereby giving wrong readings. But as a global Solutions, we bring you the best solution to know the ph of your water for the health of your fishes. 




Water PH reagent detect many contaminants, such as iron, lead, nitrate, nitrite, alkalinity, pesticides, hardness, bacteria and many others.


Many times the water you are drinking and the water in your fish pond contains hazardous chemicals and minerals that prevent your fishes from preforming at their best.


The Water Tester is used in practical to show the Acidity or Alkalinity PH value/level of water.


Note: From our chart 6.5- 9 is desirable range for fish production. (Natural and safe).


3.0~4.0 is not safe (Acidic).




1. Pour about 5cl of the water sample in a glass cup.

2. Apply one or two drops of the water ph reagent to it.

3. After a few seconds, compare the resultant colour to the chart that comes with the reagent. 

4. And also contrast the readings below each colour, that is the accurate ph level of the water. (Alkaline, acidic or neutral).


NOTE: A good water will turn acidic after somedays of the fishes staying in it because of many factors and also the wastes being excreted into it by the fish. So Don't allow your fishes to die anymore or not reproduce because of bad or acidic water, test the water regularly and replace anytime its acidic.


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