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How Njalo.ng is empowering commodity sellers


How Njalo.ng is empowering commodity sellers


The Startup is gradually democratising online marketplace with FREE listing and sells of products while enabling service companies to attract clients.

The most endearing part of this startup is the topnotch customer-care. Many sellers are testifying how Njalo.ng has assisted them to increase sells.

Many businesses are embracing online marketplaces such as Njalo.ng due to their efficiencies.

Miss Lucy Akintola is a fresh graduate of economics from University of Abuja.

Meanwhile, she prefers entrepreneurship to 9-5 jobs. So, upon graduation, she relocated to Lagos State in search of new opportunities. She managed to open a laundering service Startup, but patronage has been low due to lack of funds for publicity.

Coincidentally, she was introduced to Najlo.ng by a friend, Funke who has tested and now trusts the platform. Lucy signed up on Njalo and the miracles begin to happen.

Here is her message to Njalo.ng’s team:“Good evening, I really want to appreciate your team for Najlo.ng. I’ll say it’s a God sent platform, because it has given my services a great deal of publicity more than I expected.

“Today, I took the bold step to register and today I got a call (from someone) needing my services. Thank you so much Njalo for this great opportunity”.

Lucy’s testimonial represents thousands of others who have leveraged Njalo.ng’s FREE sells opportunity to reach out to buyers.

Chukwemeka Obasi, a trader at Ogbete main market in Enugu State also shared similar testimony, narrating how the past month of January has been different from what he has noticed over the years.

In his words: “I am not that tech-savvy, but when my son who is in the University heard about Njalo.ng he said that we can take the opportunity to boost our sells. You know, January is usually seen as a month when we traders witness low sales, especially we that are into shoes and bags. During Christmas people would have bought some fine products and January is for school fees and house rents (smiles), but I can tell you that Njalo.ng surprised us.

“I asked my son to go ahead and sign up. Surprisingly, few days we started getting inquiries and orders about bags and shoes. It was like a dream to me.

“I never believed I would have opportunity to sell things to people who like buying goods from their homes. Usually, our customers come to shop, now they order for items and we meet at a convenient locations and transactions are made. I am very much impressed with the work these young people at Njalo.ng have done.

Commenting on these testimonials, the Co-founder/Chief Operating Officer, Njalo.ng, Sandra Ani, said that the team are working to ensure the development of hassle-free e-commerce ecosystem in Nigeria.

According to her, Njalo.ng today has the best customer-care outreach in Nigeria which has been testified to by many sellers and buyers alike.

“E-commerce has changed how many companies do business. We want Nigerians to be part of this moving train. That is why we are out to give them a different perspective as to what an online marketplace can do. We recognise that trust is a big issue in this market too, but gradually that mindset will change.

“So, buyers can buy a variety of goods online any time of the day and get a fascinating experience. That way, sellers are making profit. One thing I must tell readers out there is this: before you choose e-commerce business, you will have to check on the benefits that you can enjoy. Njalo.ng is absolutely free. When we launch premium service the public will also be aware”, she concluded.

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