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COVID-19: Njalo.ng offers sellers FREE platform to meet buyers’ need


COVID-19: Njalo.ng offers sellers FREE platform to meet buyers’ need


Following the Coronavirus outbreak and subsequent measures adopted by the government to stop the spread like locking down physical markets, Njalo.ng a credible classifieds site in Nigeria has opened opportunity for Nigerians to access personal hygiene and other products.
According to the Co-founder/Chief Operating Officer, Njalo.ng, Sandra Ani, the Free classifieds platform feels the pains of Nigerians who have run out of equipment for personal hygiene like sanitisers, face masks, hand-grooves and other protective gadgets.
To this end, Njalo.ng has worked out modalities to assist sellers of these products to meet buyers’ needs.
In her words, “Njalo.ng is open to every Nigerian who is capable of using mobile phones, desktops computers or tablets to place orders. You do not need to pay anything. All you need to do is get a good phone and upload what you want to sell.
“In case you do not have a phone, you can be helped by Njalo.ng’s team. This is an opportunity for Nigerians, especially the young people to make extra money using this platform.
“If you do not have a phone that is internet enabled, then Njalo.ng will teach you the power of partnership. You can partner with a neighbour, age-mate or friend to snap a particular product and sell. So, nobody will blame you for not having a smartphone, but you will blame yourself for not grabbing this opportunity!
“Remember to snap very sharp picture because the eye eats before the hand can touch to feed the mouth. Everybody coming to the website reaches out first to catchy products. This is an Easy Sell, Easy Buy opportunity.
“Both the seller and buyer can chat up Njalo using the chatbot or call the customer-care – +2347030385985 line to discuss any challenge you may face. Once you log in, the chat system is up.
“A lot of times I have heard people complain about no government job. Well, with Njalo.ng you can create a job for yourself and others. We have worked out modalities to ensure that sellers meet people’s need even in a moderate rates”, she said.
Njalo.ng, a FREE classifieds platform that emphasizes safety and convenience to sellers and buyers, launched operations in Nigeria in January this year and has become a household name due to the impact it has created among Nigerians.

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